Where does the money go?

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Great question. Here is our monthly budget:

  • Rent 10,000/mxn
  • Utilities 500/mxn
  • Dog Food 4,000/mxn
  • Dog Yard Cleaning 2,000/mxn
  • Sterilizations/Vaccintations 2,000/mxn
  • Flea/Tick and Worm/Parasite Control  4,000/mxn
  • Required grooming 1,000/mxn


What your donations DO NOT pay for:

  • Admin Salaries (I am the only one who “works” at the shelter, and I take nothing)
  • No reimburement for gas/transportation (25o/mxn per trip when my car is unavailable, as it has been August – December)
  • No reimbursement for time for daily trips to the shelter to feed, water, provide love and attention, to introduce dogs to potential adopters
  • No reimbursement for emergency medical treatment (for me) for dog bites, stitches, parasites, and worse (you don’t really want to know).
  • No reimbursment for dog kennels, dog houses, crates, beds, waterers, feeders, pens, leashes, collars,medical supplies, and so much more that I’ve personally purchased.
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