Dog Adoption Application

Did you read the preface to this application which explains our adoption/foster criteria and process? Please note: We rarely place dogs as the only dog in a household where the dog would be left alone for more than 4 hours at a time.

If we choose to place a dog with you, do you understand/agree to comply with our adoption/foster process?
Yes, I understand and agree.No, I do not understand nor do I agree.

Do you wish to foster or adopt?

What dog do you want to foster or adopt?

First Name

Last Name

Street Address


Do you own or rent?

How long have you been at your current residence?

How often have you moved in the past 5 years and reason for the move.

Home Phone:

Cell Phone:

Best way to reach you during the day:

What is your Occupation:

What is your date of birth:

Name of Spouse/Partner at residence:

Spouse/Partner Occupation:

What is your spouse's/partner's age:

Other adults (21 or older) at residence. Please list name, age and relationship to you.

Name & ages of children (21 years or younger) at residence.

If children live at your home, describe their experience with animals:

Who is home during the day (you, other family member, housekeeper, etc.)

What hours/days?

If the person home during the day is not you, what would their responsibilities be with the dog?

Is anyone at your home allergic to dogs?

Will all household members be able to come meet the dog at our adoption fair?

What is your level of experience with dogs?
[textfield experience]

How long do you expect to have this dog?

Where will the dog sleep?

Who will feed and water the dog?

How often will you walk the dog?

If you decide you cannot keep the dog, what will you do?

How often will this dog see the vet?

How often will this dog be kenneled or boarded, ie, when you travel?

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