A recent owner surrender came to us with a special surprise – she was pregnant with 6 pups. Becky Kortman and her 4 kiddos have done a bang up job fostering Lucy and overseeing the puppies formative weeks. When they are ready, they’ll sterilized, vaccinated and – they all have great homes waiting!

Pizza. 12 weeks, March 2015

Pizza, Pulga and Penelope

In the middle of last night, a neighbor witnessed a car stopping and dumping these beautiful puppies over shelter fence. Penelope and Pulga are outgoing, sweet souls, approx 12 weeks old. Pizza is more fearful, happy to hide behind his sisters, but when they give her the go-ahead, she’ll jump out and play, too!



Seconds before being rescued, Buddy was swiped by a car. The driver didn’t stop, but I did and I scooped him up and brought him immediately to a vet.  Yes, his hips seemed crooked, he had been probably been hit by a car before this incident, too, but the vet agreed that he didn’t seem to be in […]

Perroquia, Dog Shelter, San Miguel de Allende Dog Shelter, Kimberly Kubalek, Kim Kahilo Foundation for Dogs

Mexico’s First World Class Animal Education and Adoption Center

Healthy, happy, adoptable dogs in a free range sanctuary.

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